TOFF Episode 4

Animalympics jump-starts the Furry Fandom, a Los Angeles science fiction convention moves to Orange County, and Mark and Rodney… meet.

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3 Responses to TOFF Episode 4

  1. D' Otter

    Thank you for continuing your series. I’m enjoying it. There are a couple of things in this episode about which I’d like to comment.
    – You mentioned that Forest J Ackerman promoted the “genre nickname” sci-fi to refer to science fiction. If I recall correctly from Harry Warner Jr’s fan history, “All Our Yesterdays,” Mr Ackerman actually coined this term. (Wikipedia confirms it anyway.) “Sci-fi,” which the Olde Guarde Fandom pronounced “skiffy” when they had to pronounce it, certainly didn’t like it. As Isaac Asimov Himself once wrote,
    “Gentle reader; you might wonder, why
    “Isn’t SF the same as Sci-Fi?
    “Well you see, there’s a fine line
    “Between Robert Heinlein
    “And Son Of The Two Headed Fly.”

    Personally, I think it makes my favourite literary genre sound like a cheap stereo. I blame Millennials for its current popularity. (Why not? The poor beggars seem to be to blame for everything else.)
    – You referred to Ms Farah Mar, (whose name I’m sure I’ve misspelled), before referring to her by her married name. I confess that, for a moment, I confused her with Taral Wayne’s Kjola character, Saara Mar. (The names are similar, but of course I was just confused.) I’m sorry to admit that I’ve never heard of Farah. Can you tell me, please, where I can learn more about her?
    Thanks again and best wishes,
    — Dee

  2. rodso64

    D’otter: I have my favorite heavy literary science fiction; I have my favorite cheesy B movies. I enjoy the length and breadth of it all! Frankly I’ve never seen a need for a hard-line division — and, having spoken to him, I don’t think Mr. Ackerman did either!

    Believe me, we have been mixing up the characters Saara Mar and Fara Mar for DECADES! There is no shame ^^

    The creator is best known by her nom de plume, Fa Shimbo. If you search for that you will most likely come across the latest place(s) her work is published.

    Thank you for listening!

  3. Mister Twister

    So, how many years until episode 5? It took Star Wars 3 years.