TOFF Episode 1

Mark and Rodney discuss Sy’s background and his early memories of animation, Disneyland & Osamu Tezuka, Fredd Ladd…

Two Old Furry Fans
Two Old Furry Fans
TOFF Episode 1


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3 Responses to TOFF Episode 1

  1. sysable

    I hope you enjoy our first episode (which took a few years to finally post). I’d like to make a correction, just for the sake of accuracy. The mascot created by Ken Sample for the NY chapter of the C/FO was his “felinsect” dragonfly-cat Anima, not Fanta, who was the co-mascot of the LA chapter, created by me. Oops.

  2. Kevin Hile

    Nice debut, guys. I’m glad you’re doing this show.

  3. Teddypaw

    Awesome trip down memory lane…Thanks you two ^_^