About Us

Welcome to our front porch on the Internet! We’re glad to have you as our guests. Have a seat on the bench and enjoy the conversations. This was Rod’s idea, but I agreed to participate because one thing I enjoy doing is talking about the furry community (or the furry fandom, as Rod prefers). Either way, we’ve been around since the beginning. We started out living in caves, enjoying the charcoal drawing on the wall, made by our contemporaries, hanging out around the fire and listening /telling stories, and even joining in on the tribal dances.

Seriously, we aren’t THAT old, but we have been involved for a long time in what became the fantastic phenomenon known as furry. We invite you to listen to our stories, laugh and learn about the interest and the family, and maybe join in the dialog. I the future we hope to include interviews with other experienced fans and creators, people that everyone in the fandom may not be aware of, but should be.

Let us get comfortable in our rocking chairs, and begin…